Christian Lindemann is an international show expert, Cirque du Soleil® world star, keynote speaker and guest lecturer.

From rags to riches, the life of Christian Lindemann tells the story of a street artist who made it onto the world’s stages.

He has been a passionate artist for 30 years, aiming to entertain and captivate other people. His global success in thousands of shows e.g. with Cirque du Soleil® made him the first German to become an international top-class variety act and the “King of Pickpockets”. Christian Lindemann was always able to meet the challenges of life’s stages, including those on the streets. As a high school graduate, he was already working hard at winning people over, gaining their attention, and not only selling his own performance but his products, too. 10 years later he was filling auditoriums with 5,000 people in Las Vegas and had thousands of fans all over the world. His passion for artistic performance, which began at the age of 12, has today turned him into a famous artist and expert for confidence, courage and presence. The stage remains his home, but today this will be in the role of a very entertaining speaker, who passes on his experiences from his “showtime” life.

  • Christian Lindemann says:
  • “Inspiring and captivating others is a key quality in drawing them towards you. ”


World record holder and Award “Artist of the Year” in the category Street-Entertainment.

Artist of Euro Disney Paris – first international shows in English, French, German and Spanish language

World tour with Cirque du Soleil® (Montréal, Canada) performing the international act “King of Pickpockets” (touring Europe, Japan and North America).
Christian Lindemann is the only German linguistic artist hired by the world-famous Cirque du Soleil® as a main act.

“King of Pickpockets” Show, international performances e.g. at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas USA, at Resorts World Genting Malaysia (Superstars of Magic 2) and at Wynn Las Vegas USA.

“King of Pickpockets” Show, international performances e.g. in South Africa (Cape Town Funny Festival South Africa) and in Switzerland (Comedy Festival Tour Switzerland).

Standing Ovations for Christian Lindemann, Keynote „Showtime – On the stages of life“ at the GSA (German Speakers Association) Convention in Munich, Germany.

Award SPRECHERHAUS® Speaker, Christian Lindemann gives his speeches at the most famous public speaking events in Austria, Germany, Switzerland with more than 60.000 participants every year.

  • 2020
  • Guest lecturer (subject Performance, Zertifikatslehrgang Professional Speaking) at GSA Akademie München.
  • Christian Lindemann is booked for the most successful public speaking events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – live and virtual keynotes.
  • 2021
  • Guest lecturer (subject Performance, Zertifikatslehrgang Professional Speaking) at GSA Akademie München.
  • The new book  “Souverän auf den Bühnen des Lebens – Mehr Sein als Schein” (German edition) by Christian Lindemann will be published on March 1, 2021 by ECON Verlag, Ullstein Buchverlage GmbH. Pre-order now >