For Entrepreneurs, Executives, Celebrities and Athletes

People inspire people –
The personality makes the difference

No matter what profession you work in, at some point you have to present ideas, results and yourself in front of others. Whether it’s in a meeting, on a stage, on the radio, on TV or in social networks. For some people, any form of presentation, lecture or performance is always a great challenge. They are nervous, uncomfortable and feel they are more concerned with themselves and the environment than with their presentation. Cirque du Soleil® star and university lecturer Christian Lindemann takes a look behind the scenes and shows you the techniques / tools international artists use to create strong stage presence. He explains the basics of public presentations and provides personalized solutions. You will gain more authority, confidence and persuasiveness for your successful Executive Presence!

  • Media Training, Presence Coaching and Executive Sparring
  • 1:1 Training / Personal Coaching with Christian Lindemann
  • Date: on demand
  • Place: on demand

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For Speaker, Consultants, Trainer, Coaches and Artists

Speaking meets Show –
Performance tools of the stage

Bringing 5,000 people to a standing ovation on a Las Vegas stage and creating fans is based on the same techniques a speaker can use to win over his or her audience. Cirque du Soleil® star Christian Lindemann looks behind the scenes and shows the tricks international artists use to create strong stage presence.

> Become both a speaker and performer – because you always have to be entertaining on stage.
> Take the stage with more authority and confidence.
> Lose your stage fright and gain self-confidence.
> Learn how to be unique and minimize the possibility that you will be imitated.
> Get backstage knowledge so you can turn your presentation into a show.

Seminar content:
Learn tricks from a master of the stage on how to draw attention, handle focus and perception, fascinate, really touch people, and gain self-confidence in your challenges.

Interaction. How to do an exercise, test or demonstration with participants. How to select volunteers and deal with them in the context of a presentation. Access the “Inner Circle” of strangers.
Magnetic effect. How to create attraction and keep the audience interested in you and your topic. Learn positive manipulation to control the happenings on stage.
Imagination. Use mental images to activate moods, strengths and power. Learn ways to reduce anxiety, nervousness, insecurity and stage fright. Conscious self-control and authority. Direct the images in the audience’s mind.
Mirror neurons. Awareness of body, voice, purpose. Physical and psychological signals of the speaker as well as verbal and non-verbal communication are reflected in the audience and act as feedback.

  • Presentation Training 
  • Cologne, Germany: Sun, 12. January 2020, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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  • 1:1 Training / Personal Coaching with Christian Lindemann
  • Date: on demand
  • Place: on demand

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For Show Artists, Entertainer and Performer

Pickpocket Show Training –
The secrets of show-pickpocketing

Christian Lindemann is the only German linguistic artist hired by the Cirque du Soleil® – It’s the highest distinction an artist can receive. He as had more than five thousand shows worldwide (including: Cape Town Funny Festival South Africa / Cirque du Soleil® USA / Europa-Park Rust Germany / Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin Germany / Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas USA / Royal Albert Hall London England / Superstars of Magic 2 Malaysia  / Wynn Hotel Casino Las Vegas USA). This makes Christian Lindemann and his “King of Pickpockets” show a leading international act.

Seminar content:

> the secrets of show-pickpocketing
> show creation
> volunteer management
> training methods

> „Touching” techniques
> stealing techniques from jacket, pants, shirt
> watch stealing techniques (incl. „Rolextype” watch)
> tie and belt stealing techniques
> show ideas and storytelling

  • Pickpocket Show Training
  • Berlin, Germany: Autumn 2019 – Dates are coming soon
  • Zuerich, Switzerland: Autumn 2019 – Dates are coming soon

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  • 1:1 Training / Personal Coaching with Christian Lindemann
  • Date: on demand
  • Place: on demand

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