Showtime – On the Stages of Life

The star from Cirque du Soleil®, Christian Lindemann, lets you have a look behind the scenes and translates experiences from the world’s stages into every-day life situations. One thing always stays the same – every day is a performance! He is passing on his experience to give everyone the confidence and courage to successfully navigate the “stages of life”. He says: “Getting a standing ovation from 5,000 people on a show stage in Las Vegas is based on the same technique that turns your clients, employees, and your team into your fans.” It is precisely this set of tricks that he will unveil to you.

Learn from a performance professional how to generate attention, deal with focus and perception, captivate and really touch people, and achieve uniqueness!

“Inspiring and captivating others is a key quality in drawing them towards you.

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Translating the skills for conquering the stages of the world and applying these to the every-day stages of life.

  • The tools: Passion, confidence, courage, repartee, creativity, originality, diligence, endurance.
  • The techniques of an artist to captivate and enthrall people, and to leave an impression.

The keynote speeches of Christian Lindemann are a unique mixture of knowledge transfer and his original Cirque du Soleil® (The King of Pickpockets) show performance and individually tailored to your company and event. For each participant, they offer valuable, realizable impulses, inspiration, information and motivation.


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  • KEYNOTE – German Version
  • Trailer / Showtime – On the stages of life
  • KEYNOTE – German Version
  • Trailer / Showtime – On the stages of life
  • KEYNOTE – German Version
  • Trailer / Showtime – On the stages of life